Velocity teams can be made up of two or more participants of any type – riders of any route distance, Road Crew, Volunteers, or virtual riders.  Let us know and we'll help you get started or add you to an existing team.


Team fundraising accounts are available to all Velocity teams.

Your team fundraising goal will be the total of the commitments of each individual rider. For example, a team of four people all riding in the 45-mile ride will need to raise at least $3,000 ($750 fundraising minimum x 4 people).

Each team member will still have their own personal page in addition to the team page to collect donations. Donors may choose to donate to the team or to individuals. Velocity staff will work with team captains one month prior to the event to divide any funds from the team account and place them into individual accounts to ensure team members meet their individual commtiments. Check out our FAQs for more fundraising and team information.


Corporate teams can have a big impact on raising funds for cancer research, so we ecourage our sponsor partners to create employee teams. Fundraising and training for Velocity as a team is a fun and meaningful way to boost camaraderie among employees.

Velocity coaches will work closely with corporate team captains to grow and support their teams. In addition to the individual coaching each Velocity rider gets, we'll work with corporate teams to coordinate internal recruitment and fundraising events within the company.

Sponsor teams receive complimentary registrations in accordance with their sponsorship level. Each sponsor will receive a special registration page for their team to accommodate these waived registrations.


If you're a student at CUMC or Columbia University, you might be able to join our student team program! Student teams offer a limited number of students the opportunity to ride Velocity alongside their classmates. Registration fees and fundraising requirements are waived (though fundraising is certainly encouraged!), but spots on this team are extremely limited. Contact us at for more information on joining the student team program if you're a registered student interested in riding.