To all my friends, my meaningful friends,

On October 7th i will be joining a team of bicycle riders with Dr. James Mckiernan, chairman of  the Urology department of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital of New York. The actual program event name is “Velocity” and it is a cycling event to benefit Columbia University Medical Center.   I will be joining many riders all with a passion to raise money, for the prevention and treatment of bladder cancer.  Most of us riding  have had bladder cancer while others have not, but we are all giving our time and effort to join the team to raise funds for this worthy cause and the efforts that Dr. Mckiernan is doing in his practice at Columbia Presbyterian. 

I hold this cause close to my heart, as many of you know, I am a bladder cancer survivor.  Dr. Mckiernan, as far as I am concerned is a miracle worker for the prevention and treatment of a nasty disease. He has saved countless lives.  His work and dedication to the hospital and his patients in this field rivals no other when it comes to the care he gives and dedication to latest treatments and therapy.

As I have said above, I have been so personally touched by this man and what he has done for me that I am taking this organized  ride on my bike to be part of his team.  The point of this letter then is to ask all of you that are receiving it today to offer as much support as you can financially.  I have committed to raise $5,000 for my portion of the ride.  Please remember this is not about a bike ride, nor about the fun or effort it may take, but to increase awareness and purveyance of a disease that many may not be as familiar with as they should be about it’s potential deadly outcome.

 I cannot be more serious about what this event means to me and as much as a letter can describe in words about it’s importance.  it will never be able to show nor reflect the significance of what I am asking.  So please help me to support Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia Medical University and especially Dr.Mckiernan. Simply, he saved my life.