Velocity is so much more than a cycling event. Velocity is hope accelerated. It’s the idea that we’re more than the sum of our parts. That when we all come together, we can make something big happen.


To end cancer as we know it. The Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center of Columbia University (HICCC) is on the cutting edge of cancer care and research. With your help, we can solve cancer.


By riding 10, 25, 45, or 62.5 miles and raising essential funds to support HICCC, you’re fueling the doctors, researchers, and patients in their quest to end cancer. As our professionally designed and fully supported route merges together from four Start Areas, we’ll ride together as one to our finish line at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC). We’re riding to the end of cancer at Columbia. We’re proving the power of Velocity.


Velocity’s unique model symbolizes the idea that when we come together, we gain momentum.  And that momentum makes big things happen, even the end of cancer. As Velocity riders approach New York City and CUMC, they merge with others at several dedicated Start Areas. Together they gain momentum and become one unstoppable force as they cross the majestic George Washington Bridge on their way to the triumph of the finish line.

Each Velocity Start Area (Silver at 62.5, Yellow at 45, Green at 25 or Blue at 10 miles) sends you off on your scenic and powerful journey. Each Start Area also serves as a rest stop for riders already on the route.

After crossing the finish line, we'll celebrate at the Velocity Finish Line Festival. 


Velocity rides to the end of cancer on October 6, 2019.