100% of the funds raised by Velocity participants will be used to accelerate personalized patient care and integrative services that improve the patient experience, and to help fund essential infrastructure to empower precision oncology with the goal of and improving treatment outcomes for cancer patients.

Integrative services to improve patient care

When facing a cancer diagnosis, many patients turn not only to state-of-the art, conventional cancer treatment, but also to a more integrated, holistic approach to health and self-care. Many patients see real benefits such as decreased treatment side effects, improved quality of life during and after treatment, and improved outcomes by better adherence to proven therapies. Supported by peer-reviewed research, integrative methods are becoming accepted by more and more medical practitioners as important tools to effective cancer care. Velocity supports the HICCC’s commitment to deliver integrative services such as acupuncture/acupressure, exercise, aromatherapy, dietary counseling, massage, meditation/guided imagery, and yoga to all cancer patients we serve.

Infrastructure to support precision oncology

Precision oncology delivers the right treatment to each individual patient based on the biological make-up of their specific disease and has accelerated improvements in patient care. In order to accurately identify the molecular makeup of a patient’s tumor, precision oncology requires essential technology and infrastructure to support state-of-the art imaging and biological analyses. Funding from Velocity will help expand the technology and computing power to bring precision oncology to more patients. Better yet, funds raised from Velocity will be matched by industry partners, furthering the impact of the Ride.