Online registration is now closed. If you would like to register to Ride, please go directly to your preferred Start Area on Sunday October 6th. Click Start Area Locations & Details below for more information.

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Friday, October 4: NYC Bike Drop Off for Shipping to Start Areas - Day 1
Bike Drop Off
4:00pm - 7:00pm
West 169th Street between Haven Avenue & Ft. Washington
New York, NY 10032

Saturday, October 5: NYC Bike Drop Off for Shipping to Start Areas - Day 2
Bike Drop Off
10:00am – 1:00pm
West 169th Street between Haven Avenue &  Ft. Washington
New York, NY 10032

Sunday, October 6: Ride Day
Rider Shuttle Departures to Start Areas
West 169th Street between Ft. Washington & Broadway
New York, NY 10032

  • 7:00am: 62.5 Mile Silver Start Area
  • 8:30am: 45 Mile Gold Start Area
  • 10:00am: 25 Mile Green Start Area
  • 11:15am: 10 Mile Blue Start Area

Start Area Arrival Times (by shuttle or on own)

  • 8:00am: 62.5 Mile Silver Start Area
  • 9:15am: 45 Mile Gold Start Area
  • 10:45am: 25 Mile Green Start Area
  • 11:45am: 10 Mile Blue Start Area

Start Area Ceremony & Ride Out Times

  • 8:45am: 62.5 Mile Silver Start Area
  • 10:00am: 45 Mile Gold Start Area
  • 11:30am: 25 Mile Green Start Area
  • 12:30pm: 10 Mile Blue Start Area

For additional Start Area details please see the Start Area Details section

Finish Line Festival Presented by Regeneron
12:00pm – 5:00pm
Haven Plaza
Haven Avenue between 169th Street & Fort Washington Avenue
New York, NY 10032

  • 12:00 – 3:15pm estimated arrivals (depending on distance and pace)
  • 12:00 – 5:00pm Bike Parking available
  • 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00pm: Participant Shuttle departures back to Start Areas

For additional details please see the Bike & Participant Transportation section

Rider Return Shuttles to Start Areas
3:00, 4:00 and 5:00pm
Haven Plaza
Haven Avenue between W 169th St & Fort Washington
New York, NY 10032

For additional details please see the Bike & Participant Transportation section. All bikes transported to Start Areas after Velocity must be retrieved by 7:00pm on Sunday, October 6.

Velocity offers two options for checking in for your ride:

  • Home Check-In. Any rider who raises $200 over their fundraising minimum by September 23 will have their check-in materials mailed to them. There is no need to arrive early on Ride Day as you will already have your cycling jersey, bike labels and more
  • Ride Day Check-In. If you have not qualified for Home Check-In, you’ll need to check-in on Ride Day at your Start Area.

In your Home Check-In Packet or at Ride Day Check-in you’ll receive your:

  • Velocity cycling jersey
  • Rider wristband w/ emergency hotline number
  • Bike Plate Label
  • 20”x24” clear plastic string bag for gear check
  • Luggage tag for gear check bag

At your Start Area, you’ll also have the opportunity to check a bag (you may want a change of clothes and shoes for the Velocity Finish Line Festival) and fill out one of our Why I Ride Tribute Bibs Sponsored by Fundlove.

Velocity features a complimentary transportation system for you and your bike.  Your bike will ride on a truck while you ride on a coach bus. There are two likely scenarios for your transportation needs (unless you are getting to and from Velocity on your own):

1. You and your bike will need transportation from NYC up to your Start Area before Velocity.

2. You are driving yourself to your Start Area and thus you and your bike will need transportation back to your Start Area after Velocity.

(Click image to enlarge)

*All bikes must be dropped off Friday or Saturday (day(s) prior to the ride) for transported to Start Areas for morning ride outs. Bikes will be securely stored at each Start Area.                                                            

**Secure bike parking is available at the Finish Line for you while you enjoy the festival. All bikes must be picked up by 7:00pm.       

*Parking for the duration of the event is available at each Start Area                                                              

**Participant shuttles depart to Start Areas at 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00pm. Bikes should be dropped off at bike shipping immediately upon crossing the Finish Line. All bikes must be picked up at Start Areas by 7:00pm.                                                                 

If you need us to ship your bike up to your Start Area, your bike must be placed on your assigned truck on Friday, October 4th between 4-7pm or Saturday, October 5th between 10am-1 pm on West 169th St and Fort Washington.  You'll then return to West 169th Street on Sunday morning to board a rider transport bus at a time assigned based on your Start Area and Velocity distance. When you arrive to your Start Area, your bike will be waiting for you.

If you're driving and parking at your Start Area or getting dropped off there, you may need bike shipping and a rider shuttle back to your Start Area after the Finish Line Festival.  After crossing the finish line, we recommend you place your bike on your assigned truck before you head to the festival.  After you enjoy the festival, a rider shuttle will whisk you back to your Start Area where your bike will be waiting for you (unless you leave right away...then your bike might need a few minutes to catch up).

Velocity offers riders one route with four distinct distances to choose from: 62.5, 45, 25, or 10 miles.

Each Velocity distance features a dedicated Start Area as well as a specific Velocity color assigned to it. Start Area locations and details are as follows:

At your Start Area you’ll find:

  • Check-In for any Rider who has not received their materials via Home Check-In
  • Bag Check for that change of clothes and shoes for the Velocity Finish Festival!
  • Tribute Bibs to fill out with the name(s) of those you’re riding for
  • Food and Beverage
  • Bike Parking
  • Participant Vehicle Parking (note that if you park a vehicle at your Start Area before your ride, it will need to be removed by 7pm on Sunday, October 6)

The Velocity Finish Line Festival presented by Regeneron isn’t just a way to thank you for riding. It’s a true celebration. Whether you rode 62.5 miles, merged in at 10 miles, or volunteered along the route, you’ll unwind with food and beverages (beer and wine for 21+) and fun at the Finish Line Festival on Haven Plaza.

Velocity Finish Line Festival

Haven Plaza
Haven Avenue between W 169th St & Fort Washington
New York, NY 10032

Finish Line Festival Timing
Festival begins: 12:00pm
Velocity Closing Ceremony: 3:00pm
Festival ends: 5:00pm

The Velocity Finish Line Festival includes:

  • Gear retrieval
  • Bike Parking
  • Food trucks (all riders receive tickets for complimentary food and drink! *all riders will receive $15 worth of food/beverage tickets and can purchase anything additional)
  • Beer garden for those over 21 (all riders receive 2 complimentary beer tickets with additional available for purchase)
  • Merchandise tent to purchase Velocity apparel
  • Sponsor booths and activities
  • Opportunities to learn about conquering cancer at Columbia
  • Massages
  • Design-a-Sign sign decoration area for kids (and kids at heart!)
  • Lawn games for all ages
  • Fundlove Survivor Photo Wall and Story Booth
  • 2020 Velocity discount registration

Bike Shipping, Rider Transport & Finish Line Festival

Haven Plaza
Haven Avenue between W 169th St & Fort Washington
New York, NY 10032

Parking: Street parking may be found or the nearest parking garage is located at the corner of 165th and Fort Washington Avenue.

Driving: The Finish Line Festival is accessible off the West Side Highway or the FDR. The area is also in close proximity to public transportation:

Subway: The Festival is located one block west of the 168th St. stop off the A & C trains.  Please note 1 trains are not currently stopping at the 168th St station due to elevator replacement.

Bus: The M4 stops directly in front of the Ft. Washington Armory on Fort Washington Avenue (across the street from the Festival). M100, Bx7, M5 and M3 have stops one block west of the Armory on Broadway & 168th Street

Velocity Finish Line Festival
Haven Plaza
Haven Avenue between 169th Street & Ft. Washington Avenue
New York, NY 10032

All Start Areas will have parking available for participants and spectators. Please use GPS directions and follow signs for parking upon arrival. Participant parking is available for the duration of the event day. See below for start area locations.


The Route

Our 62.5-mile (100K) Silver Start is located at Palisades Credit Union Park at Harriman State Park. With the mountains at our backs, we wind our way through lower Hudson Valley and Rockland County’s quaint villages and towns such as Montebello and Pearl River.

Our 45-mile Gold Start is in Mahwah, NJ at Mindray North America Corporate Headquarters. Pomona Riders already on the route could choose to continue on or stop to take a break, grab water or snacks, or visit our medical team and bike techs. Heading out from the 45-mile start, riders enjoy some of the beauty of Bergen County and towns such as Chestnut Ridge and Woodcliff Lake before crossing the state line again back into New York.

Green 25-mile Start Area is in Orangeburg, NY at Dynamic Productions.  Again, the 25-mile start serves as a rest area for all Riders from further distances. As the route progresses towards New York City, Riders enter Bergen County, NJ.

Our 10-mile Blue Start Area starts in New Milford, NJ. At the 10-mile start, our final Riders merge onto the route and form one unstoppable force heading toward the majestic George Washington Bridge with unparalleled views of the Hudson. And finally, triumphantly, cross the finish line together at Columbia and the end of cancer.

Route Safety

  • Don’t forget your helmet.  Riders will not be able to ride without an approved ANSI, Snell or ASTM helmet.
  • ROADS ARE NOT CLOSED for the Ride.  You must follow traffic rules and heed stop signs and traffic lights.
  • The route is clearly marked with Velocity route arrows that are posted approximately every ¼ mile.  Velocity does not use spray chalk arrows on the roadway.
  • Every Rider is required to wear an event wristband which has an Emergency Help Line phone number printed on it.
  • Use the Emergency Help Line number if you need assistance on the route or find yourself having inadvertently left the marked route.  The Emergency Help Line will connect you to our command center and help will be dispatched to your location.
  • In the event of a MEDICAL EMERGENCY, dial 911 FIRST, and then dial the Emergency Help Line to report the emergency.
  • The Route closes promptly at 3:15pm.  If you are unable to complete your ride or need a boost to a Rest Stop for mechanical support, our dedicated Road Crew is there to help!
  • Riders tackling the 62.5 mile route MUST consistently ride at 12mph in order to make it to the finish line by 3:15pm.  Please train accordingly.
  • At 3:15pm, if you are still on the route, you will be swept to the Finish Line, no exceptions.
  • Our Sweep Team will advance you to the next Start Area/Rest Stop where you can receive support and continue riding or you and your bike can be transported to the Finish Line.
  • Please do not use Sweep as a taxi service between Start Area/Rest Stop as they are needed for Riders who are in need of true medical or mechanical attention.
  • Our caboose follows the last rider and will provide options to you so that you can spend as many miles in the saddle as possible.
  • Please note that disregarding Ride policies or the instructions of Staff or Road Crew is cause for immediate dismissal from the Ride.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Please make sure you are drinking both water and sports drink during your journey.
  • If you’re not sweating and you’re not peeing, you are NOT hydrated!
  • Snacks, water and sports drinks will be available to you at the Rest Stops.
  • Medical support is available at every Start Area/Rest Stop along the route and at the Finish Line Festival.

Routes:  You may choose to ride 10, 25, 45 or 62.5.  Please note that mileages are approximate.  We may call one route a metric century (62.5 miles) but in fact that true mileage may be closer to 66 miles.  Mileage is calculated via odometer in a vehicle, which will always differ from a bike computer.  In addition, mileage is accounted for from point to point, i.e. driveway to driveway, and therefore mileage between rest stops may compute more on your bike as you will ride into a Start Area/Rest stop to an area where you set your bike down, which will ultimately add mileage that is not calculated in our scouting vehicle because we are not pulling into rest stops.

The Palisades Push: Let's talk about hills! All cycling events have hills and ours is no different. All Velocity riders will encounter hills along various portions of our route, including a short, but steep hill towards the end of the route—affectionately named ‘The Palisades Push’.

If you need help getting up the Palisades Push on Ride Day, a support vehicle will be there to give you a lift.  Remember, it doesn't matter how you cross the finish line, what matters is that through your participation, you are giving hope to the millions of people impacted by cancer.






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