Route & Safety Information

The Route

Our 100K, 50K and 15K routes all begin and end at The Centre, located at 2 Manhattanville Road in Purchase, NY. All riders will begin their journeys at the conclusion of our brief, but powerful Opening Ceremony. No matter which distance you choose, you’ll experience the beauty of Westchester County and the Hudson Valley.

Note that the 100K route is designed for experienced cyclists, with more than 4,000 vertical feet of climbs (but also some incredible downhills!). 50K Riders will have access to 2 full-service Rest Stops. 100K Riders will have access to 3 full-service Rest Stops and 1 strategically-located Water Stop.

As we get closer to Ride Day, check back here to access the Ride with GPS routes for all three distances.

Route Safety

  • Don’t forget your helmet. Riders will not be able to ride without an approved ANSI, Snell or ASTM helmet.
  • ROADS ARE NOT CLOSED for the Ride. You must follow traffic rules and heed stop signs and traffic lights.
  • The route is clearly marked with Velocity route arrows that are posted approximately every ¼ mile. Velocity does not use spray chalk arrows on the roadway.
  • Every Rider is required to wear an event wristband which has an Emergency Helpline phone number printed on it.
  • Use the Emergency Helpline number if you need assistance on the route or find yourself having inadvertently left the marked route. The Emergency Helpline will connect you to our command center and help will be dispatched to your location.
  • In the event of a MEDICAL EMERGENCY, dial 911 FIRST, and then dial the Emergency Helpline to report the emergency.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Please make sure you are drinking both water and sports drinks during your journey. (If you’re not sweating and you’re not urinating, you are NOT hydrated!)
  • Snacks, water and sports drinks will be available to you at the Rest Stops.
  • Medical support is available at every Rest Stop along the route and at the Velocity Day Festival.

Route Timing and Support

  • The Route closes promptly at 3:30pm. If you are unable to complete your ride or need a boost to a Rest Stop for mechanical support, our dedicated Road Crew is there to help!
  • Riders tackling the 100K route MUST consistently ride at least 11mph in order to make it to the finish line by 3:30 p.m. Please train accordingly.
  • Our Sweep Team will advance you to the next Rest Stop where you can receive support and continue riding or you and your bike can be transported to the Start/Finish. At 3:30pm, if you are still on the route, you will be swept to the Finish Line, no exceptions.
  • Please do not use Sweep as a taxi service between Rest Stops as they are needed for Riders who are in need of true medical or mechanical attention.
  • Our caboose follows the last rider and will provide options to you so that you can spend as many miles in the saddle as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: You may choose to ride 100K, 50K or 15K. All mileages are approximate. For example, we may call one route a metric century (62.5 miles) when, in fact, the true mileage may be closer to 66 miles. Mileage is calculated via odometer in a vehicle, which will always differ from a bike computer.


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