Join Me To Help Columbia Solve Cancer!

I have been battling cancer for the past ten years and counting. Since 2011 I have faced many challenges- chemotherapy, multiple surgical procedures, various clinical trials. I have also been the beneficiary of incredible support from my family, friends and colleagues, and the brilliance of the doctors and clinical trial staff at Columbia's Herbert Irving Cancer Center. 

I currently serve on the HICC Patient Advisory Board, and Columbia's Cancer Advisory Council. My involvement in Velocity and the Columbia Cancer Center Community is the best way to pay forward this incredible support into something tangible and effective in the fight against cancer. 

Team FKB (Furman Kornfeld & Brennan LLP) is engaged in Your Velocity to support life-saving research and comprehensive care for patients and their families at Columbia’s Cancer Center. Together, we can get closer to a world without cancer, and you can help by making  a donation to my page today. 100% of every dollar donated goes toward supporting the patients, doctors, and researchers at Columbia’s Cancer Center. Join the Velocity Community and help solve cancer at Columbia!

To donate by credit card please click "support me" above. To donate by check or wire transfer or find your company's matching gift form please click here.


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